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Saba-Home-BuildingSaghir Aslam and his wife Bushra Aslam well-known philanthropists from Southern California, USA, for the past 48 years have been helping people in Pakistan and in other countries such as; Afghanistan, Bosnia, Chechnya, India, Iraq. This effort has been born out of a natural love for Pakistan, their country of origin, and has been enhanced by their sense of gratitude for the opportunities and blessings of life in their adopted country, the United States of America.

Many years back they felt the need for an institution that will cater for the most vulnerable and poorest of the poor; the orphans in Pakistan. They left comfortable lives they were living in USA for over half a century to not only build the institution for orphans but to make Pakistan a peaceful place for the orphan girls and other vulnerable children across the country and to produce peace loving leaders of tomorrow from among the most neglected and abused segment of the society.



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Through Interfaith and education we hope to achieve global peace.


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