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Humanitarian Relief

Saba Trust provides relief in times of crisis, and provides financial support to help improve the quality of life for

those affected by natural disasters and wars. Restoring safety, comfort, stability and livelihood to a community or region is the foundation for all other endeavors to uplift people and provide them with new hope and opportunity. During emergencies such as; floods, earthquakes, drought and man-made disasters, it works directly on the ground or in some cases through local partners. The organisation helps people in times of need regardless of their race, religion, cast, creed, color or nationality. Saba Trust has responded to history’s major disasters and small emergencies in different countries. Saba Trust has been involved in helping people during emergencies and those living in poverty through variety of activities:

Major emergency responses:

Awaran (Balochistan) Earthquake 2013
Pakistan Floods 2012-2013
Violence in Lahore 2013
Church incident in Peshawar 2013
Pakistan Earthquake 2005
South Asia Tsunami 2004
Bam Iran Earthquake 2003
Gujrat India Riots 2002
Rawalpindi Pakistan Floods 2001
Chechnya Humanitarian Crisis 1999
Bosnia Humanitarian Crisis 1994-95
Kashmir and Palestine Crisis
Afghanistan and Iraq Humanitarian Crisis


Flood Relief : From: 01 July 2015

Saba Trust Visit to: Layyah (Punjab)

Area: Layyah



Helped by ( Zohra Memorial Trust Layyah)


Dr.Khalil A Khan
Mr.Ibrahim Khan

Flour: (898kg wheat ), (100bags) Rs: 33270/-
Oil: (22 Ten of 16kg), 400 bottle (of 01Lit.appx), Rs: 68000/-
Rice:(303. bags*3kg=909kg), 120/kg*909, Rs: 109080/-
Cloths: (packs=245), 200.P/Suit, Rs: 49000/-
Channa: (500packs), 100g, Rs: 10000/-
Biscuits: (500packs), Rs.(15/-), Rs: 7000/-
Transport and other expenses Rs: 40000/-
GRAND TOTAL: Rs. 316350Apx.

We worked here for flood relief and visit the affected areas where the thousand of the people are living under the open sky, there is shortage of clean drinking water, food, medicine, and shelter, children and elder are suffering in different diseases, there were some small organizations are working and Pakistan Army also have their camp.

This area needs strong care and attention for the rehabilitation and reintegration because of this major catastrophe of flood.

We thanks to Zohra Memorial Trust Layyah team for great hospitality and help to make this visit/relief activities campaign possible.

Immediate Needs:

1. Food (readymade)

2. Health (first aid and epidemics)

You can also Donate for the Flood Victim (Come and Join Hands with SABA TRUST )

Please Contact us

537 Gulrez-2 Near Rawal Cadet College Chaklala Rawalpindi Pakistan. Phone: 051-5508351

Soneri Bank, 2011873008 Gulrez Rawalpindi.



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