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Homes for Boys

There are hundreds and thousands of orphan boys that do not have access to basic education, one of their fundamental

rights, not only that they also lack access to their basic needs such as health care, food, clean water etc. These orphan boys most of the time are the victims of abuse, torture, child labour and child trafficking.

After establishing a state of the art institution for orphan girls, Saba Homes is in the planning phase to initiate similar institution for orphan boys to provide easy access to high quality education and create opportunities for them to pursue their dreams, support their families and to help them become civilized & responsible citizens and future leaders. Most importantly to protect them from the ill treatment by the society and to prevent them from all kind of abuse.

Aim is to produce young future leaders, key players within the society and philanthropists who will help those less fortunate which will ultimately help to reduce poverty and help build the nation.

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