Chapter Representative

The Saba Homes Chapter program is designed for those individuals who wish to take an active role in helping the

Orphans in Pakistan. As a Saba Homes Chapter Representative you will be an advocate for the orphan girls at Saba Homes.


• Make a difference

• Become an advocate for change

• Opportunity to Network with likeminded individuals

• Opportunity for you and your family to experience the joy of giving as a community

Role of Saba Homes Chapter Representative

Saba Homes Chapter Representative will play an active role in their local chapter by raising awareness about Saba Homes, encouraging people to donate, help with fundraising. As one of the Chapter Representative you serve as a significant resource to the Board, Executive Management, and Saba Homes beneficiaries by acting as both advisors to and chapter representative for Saba Homes. The ideal candidate for Chapter Representative will be someone who is passionate about being active and philanthropic member of their community and have skills which can further the mission of Saba Homes. The organization anticipates the future leadership of Saba Homes to come from among the Chapter Representatives.

Requirements to be a Saba Homes Chapter Representative

To become a Saba Homes Chapter Representative you must do the following:

• Complete an Application form (to be provided by Saba Homes).

• Join or Start a Saba Homes Chapter in your area.

• Organise a gathering by inviting your friends, colleagues and other contacts to brief them about the work of Saba Homes and to encourage them to become regular supporters, donors and volunteers.

• You must setup a local team of volunteers to help you with organizing events and engaging in publicity and fundraising work.

• Comply by the policies and adhere to the mission, vision and core values of Saba Homes.

You will receive:

• Welcome Letter with description of the programme of Saba Homes so that you get familiar with what we do

• A letter confirming your status as the Saba Homes Chapter Representative

• A badge with your name and title (Chapter Representative)

• Saba Homes Policies and procedures

Bank Account

Donors will be asked to make checks payable to “IEWS” and all the checks and donations will be sent directly to the IEWS/Saba Homes Head Office in California. There will be no bank accounts in any city chapter. Bank accounts will be only that Saba Homes currently have.

$1 a Day Donation appeal:

We encourage you to focus on getting people to sign up for the $10 Regular Monthly Donation as this is easy and will help Saba Homes to have a stable funding for its project. Our staff will assist the chapter representative with any activities related to Saba Homes.

As a Chapter Representative your role is of a great importance and value to us at Saba Homes. Your contribution will make it possible for us to continue to help the orphans at Saba Homes in Rawalpindi, Pakistan by providing them the much needed assistance including; basic education, accommodation, food, clothing, health care, computer skills and extracurricular activities.