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16 January, 2017 Pakistan, Orphan Girls Development Program, Saba Homes
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 Saba Trust is struggling hard for protection of child abuses in Pakistan especially Orphan girls and Boys all over the Pakistan.

The situation of child rights in Pakistan is disappointing for many reasons. Efforts for child’s rights promotion with a simultaneous struggle for its protection have been the prime and principal agenda for civil society organizations, NGOs, the UN, international organisations and government agencies. There are significant achievements at policy and legislative fronts assuring the protection of child rights, yet facing substantial issues towards its implementation on the other hand. In addition, there have been many drifts in the past decade characterized with humanly induced conflicts, the natural catastrophes and the global fight against terrorism, seen as precursors for the emerging complications in protecting child rights.


Overall objective of the program is to contribute to the reduction of orphan children’s vulnerability in Pakistan with a comprehensive education prgoram. Saba Homes envisions a well comprehensive protection program to address the physical, mental, health requirements of the children essential in reducing the risks of getting vulnerable.

Other Objectives:

  • Provide Saba Girls homelike environment, health facilities and quality education.
  • Augment awareness for the plight of parentless/ needy children.
  • Support global efforts to promote and protect the rights of girls.
  • Formulate and conduct comprehensive training programs to facilitate the growth of Saba Home mentors.
  • Expand the operation of Saba Home on a larger scale in the years to come.

Our Aim:

The aim of Saba Homes is to groom orphan girls by providing them access to good quality education, access to all their basic needs, mentoring and engagement in extracurricular activities. This will not only make them self-sufficient, a responsible citizen and help achieve high goals, but they will love and care for all human being regardless of their religion, race, cast, or nationality. By teaching them about hope, freedom instead of anger and hate, and through quality education and character building they will become prolific and highly responsible members of the society.


Good quality accommodation is provided to orphan girls from the disaster affected areas of Kashmir, KP, Punjab and Sindh. These girls are provided comfortable and peaceful environment just like other children have at their home. Room mothers are present 24/7 to ensure that all the girls are looked after well, their safety, and to make sure that the girls follow the set schedule for every day.


Rooms’ System:

  • Naming of 6 Rooms (comprising of six girls per room) by Flower names for lovely identification. – Rose, Pansy, Daffodil, Tulip, Sunflower and Lotus. Name boards are placed outside each room so visitors can easily know who the girls inside one room are.
  • Fixing name badges with the flower icon and girl’s name on each bed for ownership.
  • Appointing two captains per room to assist and guide other sisters as pre-leadership qualities development; Captains wear badge with the flower icon of their room & take on certain duties. (captains are changed periodically)
  • In recent months changed the rooms’ names to the names of the most pious women in Islam to inspire the girls in Islamic spirit & special role of girls/women in Islam: Hazrat Aisha, Hazrat Fatima, Hazrat Khadija, Hazrat Asia, Hazrat Sumayya, Hazrat Maryam, Hazrat Nusaybah & Hazrat Khaula. (2 extras as we intend to add 2 to 4 more rooms)
  • Classes are being taught by Zainab Javed and a volunteer on weekly basis on the topic of one of the pious ladies emphasising on the qualities of the women.


  • Schooling: Saba girls go to a well reputed private school where they get good quality education which is the main focus of the Saba Homes program.
  • Tuition Fee: Saba Homes hires teachers to help girls with their home work so that they excel to be the best in class.
  • 17 of Saba Girls Received A+ and A
  • 15 of Our Girls Received B+ and B
  • Most of Saba Girls are Prefect in their class

Peace Pledge to the World:

Every morning at assembly time Saba girls take this peace pledge which they practice during their daily lives.

  • We have learned the real Islam of peace and love.
  • We love and respect everyone regardless of their religion, race or country.
  • Our mission and vision is to work together and eliminate the prejudice and hate.
  • We have to spread peace through light of knowledge and patience which Islam teaches us.
  • Our programs will help one child, one family, one community at a time ultimately entire Pakistan.
  • Unfortunately, Pakistan today is synonymous with terrorism. God willing, with the proliferation of our efforts at Saba Homes, the aim and goal to love and respect everyone will create a new peace loving Pakistan.
  • Our programs results to eliminate terrorism in a productive way. God willing, through education, we will eliminate the root cause of terrorism forever.


Motivational & Other Programs:

Founder Saghir Aslam himself teaches some programs while Saba Homes has qualified instructors for other programs including:

  • Character Building
  • Time Management
  • Leadership Skills
  • High standard of Education
  • Tree Plantation
  • First-Aid Training
  • Children’s Etiquette Workshop


Character Development (Race for the Stars ~ Race for the Golden Hearts):

A self-competition system based on daily assessment of each girl based on the five points of performance:

  1. Prayers
  2. Truth/Honesty
  3. Tidiness/ Hygiene
  4. Respect/Cooperation
  5. Behavior/Manners
  6. Daily ticks earn a weekly colour star or heart. Four weeks’ colour hearts or stars earn A for the month with certificate and prize.
  7. A monthly theme of ‘value’ or ‘ethic’ (taking responsibility, environment, sharing, truthfulness etc) is a core topic around which we try to improve ourselves. Topic illustrations are displayed on ‘Soft Board’ often prepared in part by the girls. Activities, worksheets and outings are done around the topic. Worksheets, Artwork is displayed on soft boards in individual rooms of girls.

Coaching Exercise Classes:

  • Martial Arts (Karate): classes by one of the best Martial Arts instructor. Our daughters have won top prizes in Annual Competition 3 years in a row & large Trophy in 2012.
  • Yoga Classes: Saghir Aslam has taken this in his own hand. He teaches all the children Yoga on daily basis.

Summer Camp:

A summer camp is organized during the summer vacations to ensure that Saba girls make the best out of this particular time throughout engaging in variety of activities while enriching ourselves:

  • Academics – reinforcement of weak areas as well as extra exposure
  • Sports and games (Swimming, Martial Arts)
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Computer Skills
  • Reading Library
  • Entertainment and excursions
  • The summer camp is run in many of its parts by the regular Academic Tutors (tutors come to assist girls on daily basis after school in Saba Homes throughout the school year: one tutor for each class level)
  • Volunteers also join the Summer Camp and contribute their preferred activity and ‘friendship’.
  • Summer Camp ends with a major party and acknowledgment of good performers. Sometimes it ends with a competitions such as; ‘Spelling Bee’.

Upbringing & Guidance by Volunteers:

Dr. Rukhsana Chaudhry from George Washington University, USA during a motivational session with Saba girls at Saba Homes, Rawalpindi Pakistan

Some of the friends of Saba Homes contribute to the girls’ upbringing and guidance and education with love and affection. Women come during the week to council and guide the girls. Others come to teach Quran beside the appointed Qaria. Others come on weekend to teach about environment and Islamic classes. Some of the volunteer groups show their care through visits, gifts and outings, etc.

Islamic Education:

  •       Islamic education following the Ashaba Al-Ikram (Islam of Peace & Love).
  •       True Milad, every single Friday, by teaching the children about the life of our beloved Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him).

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