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06 April, 2015 Pakistan, Education
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Saba Trust believes that to shape Pakistan into a developed country Education has the key role.
Saba Trust believes that easy access to education is a fundamental right of every child regardless of their race, religion and color. It works to provide access to basic education to the children in Pakistan who can’t afford it. Saba Trust works with national organisations to combat illiteracy and transform Pakistani society.

Organisations and projects supported through education programme:

  1. Tameer-e- Millat Foundation
  2. Shifa Medical College
  3. Women’s International University
  4. Seena Academy
  5. The Citizens Foundation
  6. International Medical College
  7. Wisdom House and Akram House
  8. Tameer-e-Millat School of Excellence
  9. International Dental College
  10. Saba School System Network
  11. Teachers Incentive Program
  12. OPF Girls College
  13. Teacher Training Program
  14. Paid tuition fees for needy students
  15. Paid for books for needy students
  16. Donated millions of books to schools, colleges and libraries
  17. Financial support for a school building

Tameer-e-Millat Foundation

The TMF was established as an NGO in 1987, with a vision by Pakistani community in USA to promote the cause of education so often neglected by the private and public sector. TMF’s view is that the only way to lead our nation into the 21st century is through human resource development. Therefore, the main aim of TMF isto build the academic proficiency with the vision, values and the will to act as an instrument of human resource development in bring about the change of the highest order in the individual for the Millat and humanity at large.


In line with its mission the Tameer-e-Millat Foundation, has setup educational institutions in various parts of the country, providing facilities of education particularly to the deprived masses who otherwise, would have no opportunity of education. TMF has achieved the following so far:

  • 22 Formal Schools
  • 290 Non-Formal Schools
  • 5 Vocational Training Institutions
  • TMF Education City

Tameer-e-Millat Education City (TMEC):

It is being built at a site providing a beautiful scenic background of Khairi Murat Mountains. The site is located 50 kms southwest of Islamabad and is 2 km north of village Ratwal, Tehsil Fateh Jang, District Attock. TMEC is planned to be constructed on an area of 500 acres of land. Besides serving as an educational complex, it will also serve as the major center for research and development in the field of education. The main features of TMEC are:

  • Tameer-e-Millat Institute of Teachers Education (TMITE)
  • Tameer-e-Millat School of Excellence
  • Educational Research and Development Center
  • Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University
  • Convention Center
  • Islamic Center

Sardar Tameer-e-Millat Schools:

The founder of Saba Trust, Mr. Saghir Aslam donated 5 acres of prime land onToba Tek Singh Road only 2 miles for most students to travel. Saghir Aslam also paid for the building for Boy’s campus. Soon after he felt that this building was not sufficient he partnered with Edhi Foundation and built 17 rooms Girls School next to the Boys School.

Universal Primary Education (UPE):

Saba Trust is helping needy primary school children by providing books, school supplies and other materials. We also conduct a prize distribution program to help motivate children and give them additional incentives to attend and complete school. Saba Trust currently assists over 10,000 students. This project is ultimately adding to the collective efforts for achieving the Universal Primary Education (UPE) a UNICEF program which is part of one of the Millennium Development Goals.

Distribution of Books:

Saba Trust provides resources for the purchase and distribution of books, notebooks and other school supplies for children in need. In Pakistan, parents must absorb the cost of books and other materials, and many are unable to afford these items, leaving their children without the tools necessary to succeed. The cost of books for one year is just $10.00/child or less!

In the village of Murree Tehsil, Saba Trust provided 115 young students with school books at a ceremony held at Murree Arts Council that enabled them to begin their education journey. Furthermore, Saba Trust has paid theirschool fees for five years, to ensure that they will have received their primary education at the very least. Following this, Khurshid Abbasi, a local landlord and social worker promised to provide additional support for educating the children in the area. In addition, district officials were inspired to commit funds for books/copies for another 1000 students. Thus, a sound foundation for the education of hundreds of children in the area was laid by Saba Trust’s initial support for 115 students.

Student Scholarships:

Saba Trust provides scholarships to students to enable them to attend elementary school, middle school, high school, college and medical college students. The scholarships cover the cost of tuition and supplies.

Support for Schools:

Saba Trust provides financial support to numerous schools throughout Pakistan. Many of the schools are in villages and towns where children have few or lack educational opportunities. Support is provided to primary schools for girls and boys, middle schools, and high schools.

Al-Falah Scholarship Scheme:

Brain child of Br. Abdul Shakoor, this project serves many students. Wisdom House is a state of the art excellent institution. We encourage you to support them fully without any doubt it is the best exemplary institution in Pakistan.

Schools in India:

Saba Trust is committed to children’s education. It is hoped that a literate and informed citizenry in both Pakistan and India will help build bridges between the two neighbors. New generations of young Indians and Pakistanis can emphasize cooperation and mutual support rather than conflict and misunderstanding. Supporting educational efforts in India is one way Saba Trust can assist this process.


Bushra Aslam was one of the founding members of the Board of Directors. Saghir and Bushra Aslam visited the first sixty schools that were opened in Mianwali, without a doubt one of the most backward areas in Pakistan that lacks effective basic education, electricity and clean drinking water. DIL is a project that is worth helping.

Society for International Help:

The Society for International Help is incorporated in the USA and has been functioning for the past 20 years. It has helped in establishing over 19 formal and over 245 non-formal schools in rural areas of Pakistan through various non-profit organisations.

International Medical College Trust:

The mission of IMCT is to provide health care facilities and educate the general public on prevention of communicable and fatal disease. IMC Trust conducts various free medical camps to provide free medical care to destitute and needy patients. Some of the camps that have been organised so far are including; Eye (ophthalmic) Camps, Medical Camps and Relief Camps.

Financial Assistance to Deserving Students:

The Trust spends about 14% of its income on needy students as financial aid stipends keeping in view their academic record and needs. The Trust since its establishment contributed about 60 million rupees in this aspect.Please support IMCT and help build the nation.

The Ghazali Education Trust operates 300 schools in 26 districts, including 35 high schools and 3 all-girls residential colleges. The network serves over 30,000 students. Saba Trust encourages others to support Ghazazli Trust.

Hira National Education Foundation is a non-Government, non-sectarian and not-for-profit organization working in the field of education and training since 1997. Working with high concentration in northern Punjab, southern Punjab and KP, Hira foundation has 215 schools and 10 colleges in the country with Teachers: Male 2045 Female 1415 and Students: Male 32000 Female 28,700. Spread from Darosh in Chitral to Mastung in Baluchistan and visible in Badin in the South to Kalam, Swat in the North, Hira schools and colleges have earned good name among the masses. Hira schools are required to provide subsidized or free education to deserving children. Under its strict policy no child can be denied admission in a Hira School on the basis of his/her inability to pay educational expenses

Full time paid core staff is required to give more professional support to schools. Financial support to needy students demands more funds. One mobile teacher training unit is working at the moment. The system needs two more such units for frequent training to all teachers of Hira schools.

The Women’s Institute of Science & Humanities was conceived as a full-fledged institute for women where the most modern disciplines are taught in an Islamic environment. The project was initiated and is overseen by the Foundation of the Faithful (FOF), a non-profit organization. During the last few years, a 2 1/2 acre plot in Islamabad was procured for the university site. Saghir Aslam of the Saba Trust was the first individual to visit the proposed site in 1997, when it was nothing but scrublands. He donated a substantial sum to help begin work on the initial structure for the university. A tall building covering 40,000 square feet now stands where once there was nothing. Young women in Pakistan as well as from other countries including the U.S. have enrolled at the institute.

A large percentage of Muslim women throughout the world are living in desperate conditions. In many countries, they have been deprived of basic rights guaranteed under the auspices of Islam. In many other places, they have been discouraged from participating in political, social and nation-building activities. These deprivations are contrary to the very basic teachings of Islam. Foundation of the Faithful, a not-for-profit organization based and incorporated in New York, is working to create more human environment for women. The Foundation is dedicated to setting up viable institution of learning for women. Objectives of FOF is to reduce illiteracy ratio among Muslim women, these institutions should be dedicated to the progress of women, provide financial assistance in the form of stipends and scholarships to those women who show excellence and to hold lectures, seminars, and workshops.

We encourage you to help FOF with generous donations for the success of these unique projects. We accept zakat for zakat related programs.

Wisdom House:

Wisdom House was established in 1994 in a remote village of District Gujrat in Northern Punjab, with objective to promote education among women folks. Education among women in rural areas of Pakistan is disturbingly low. Lower than 10% in most areas. Wisdom Society a group of zealous Pakistanis, (trained and educated abroad) took initiative, selected the site and started the first school session in 1994, with 70 students, in an incomplete building. Allah SWT blessed the devotion and dedication of managing body. The teaching staff worked day & night with sincerity and skill and slowly people of the area started showering their trust and confidence. After 11 years Wisdom House became the largest educational project for women in rural Punjab. At present Wisdom Campus is serving about 3000 students altogether.

Seena Academy:

This school was established in March 1996 in the Pothohar region of Pakistan, and is located at the Tehsil Headquarters in Sohawa. It is a well-managed, providing quality education through emphasizing research-based curriculum design and instruction. Seena Academy strives to meet international schooling standards. Seena management uses modern techniques and methodologies, despite its rural location. Seena Academy prides itself on a future-oriented vision and ideology that emphasizes global awareness and international cooperation. Seena is teaching not only its students, but their parents and families as well. Seena Academy is steadily changing the mind set and viewpoints of the wider community, shifting traditional perspectives to be more open to new ideas for the sake of progress.

Saba School System Network:

  • Saba Institute of Computer Sciences
  • Information Technology Centers
  • Saba Cadet College
  • Saba I.T Centers

Saba Institute of Computer Sciences:

SICS near Government Boys High School Jhatta Hathial, Rawalpindi. The center offers an advanced diploma in Information Technology, Oracle, Multiple Documents Interface, Sound & Media, Relational Database Management System, Forms-Reports-Graphics, Installing & Configuring Oracle, Web & Internet (Introduction), Java Script, Database Concepts, Graphics, Microsoft Active Service Pages, Introduction to Language, Pointers, E-Commerce, best office users certificate, composer package advance diploma in graphic design, visual basics providing students expertise in Windows 98/2000/XP, DOS, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, HTML, E-mail, Networking, Corel Draw, Web Design, VB Basic and C++, Database Design, and other topics. Over 25 courses are scheduled to accommodate the interests of students, with tracks such as Graphic Design, Hardware Engineering, Programming, Office Productivity, etc. Courses are 3 months long, scheduled in the morning, afternoon, and evenings.

Saba Trust helps promote the development of a more skilled and computer literate society in Pakistan. Internet cafes with well-trained staff will also help Pakistanis communicate with colleagues and friends worldwide, helping strengthen global bonds of cooperation, good will and most importantly have global exposure from computer screen. Saba Trusthas developed a plan to open numerous computer colleges and internet cafes in villages and rural areas of Pakistan. The added benefit of this initiative is that the expected income and profits will help subsidize other valuable projects and programs. With as little as $1,000, donors can help create a computer training center and internet café, and because of revenue generated, donors’ contributions will go farther and have a greater impact upon the society.

Saba IT Center:

Saba Trust has set up an IT center at Seena Academy, and has also donated computers and books to five government schools in the Sohawa region of Pakistan. The 20 computers in the lab will be used to introduce IT methods to Seena Academy students, to train teachers, to run courses for male and female students, and to operate an internet café for the public during evening hours. Several computer labs in remote villages have been installed where many students are learning computer skills.

Lila Kamal Pur High School (Boys & Girls):

This is Saba’s 3rd school dedicated to provide high quality education. This school is also located in a village which is least developed with less or no educational opportunities for children.

Nakr Ali High School (Boys & Girls):

Saba Trust took over this school at the time when it was closing down. We hired well educated experienced staff including principle and teachers. Who had improved the quality of education and done a terrific job. When we took over the school it had only 50 students. Our wonderful principle have not only increased the number of students tremendously but most importantly quality of education elevated.

Above four schools are supported 100% by Najib and Associates. Not only that they support financially, but they also manage and monitor the activities at the school to ensure quality.

Teachers Incentive Program:

The Teachers Incentive Program (TIPs) is an innovative, cost-effective and affordable way to improve education in Pakistan. The program was initiated by Qasim Bajwa and Saghir Aslam. Considering the rapidly deteriorating situation of education/literacy in Pakistan, a pilot project was launched in 1998 at Khewra, District Jehlum Pakistan, to improve education by utilizing the existing infrastructure (i.e., the local government schools). Initial results have been very encouraging and Saba Trust encourages more entrepreneurs to try this approach on their own. The cost is affordable for an individual or a small group of supporters. Local Education Committee staff members monitor the school for academic progress, cleanliness, and confidence and character- building efforts, along with basic religious knowledge.

OPF Girl’s College:

Saba Trust donated thousands of garments to OPF College. The OPF Girl’s College was established almost 20 years ago to provide a superior learning environment for young women in Pakistan. Furthermore, it was designed to attract female Pakistani students from overseas who wished to gain a quality education in an Islamic atmosphere. The college has enabled overseas families to send their daughters to Pakistan to gain an appreciation of their rich cultural heritage as an alternative to the purely secular education available elsewhere. Over 3,000 students are enrolled annually, with 2/3 of them from overseas. The college is committed to international education standards and has developed a comprehensive curricula. Degrees offered by the college include O and A Levels in conjunction with the University of London, and Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science, Business Administration, and Information Technology.

Teacher Training Program:

Special programs are held to train the teachers. This is one of the programs where we considerably need more focus on. We have been holding teachers training program for over three decades in different places at various levels. At times we have supported other organizations teachers training programs, as Saba Trust believes teachers training and refreshers programs are the back bone of any educational system.

New Saba Trust Complex (Planning Phase):

Saba Trust is developing a large complex that will house variety of facilities. To realize this dream, the people of Tibbi Bangla have granted Saba Aslam Trust the opportunity to develop a large piece of land into such a complex. The groundbreaking ceremony took place on September 21, 2003. Local community members have been donating materials and supplies, including bricks, marble, wood, furniture, and other materials. The complex will house educational facilities for boys and girls at the primary and secondary levels, offering the best education available. A state-of-the-art computing center will be part of the complex. The complex will also house a training center where a variety of skills and trades can be learned. A sewing center for girls and women will be among the facilities that provide vocational training to help motivate individuals become self-reliant and productive members of the society.

Partial List of Computer Labs:

Saba Trust has been acquiring and donating approximately 6000 computers. In the year 2005 Saba Trust decided to help setup 38 computer labs in different areas of Pakistan including; Punjab, KP and Sakardu, particularly in remote areas, but with well-established and well operated schools.

Computers were also donated to the Education Department in the 16 districts where National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) is already functioning through Human Development support units.

Other organisations that received computers:

  • Laiba Citizen Community Board
  • Women Development Organization
  • Bab Socio Organization

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