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06 April, 2015 Pakistan, Education, Healthcare, Humanitarian Relief, Microcredit Finance
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Saba Trust is engaged since last 50 years for serving suffering humanity around the globe.
Saba Trust provides relief in times of crisis and provides financial support to help improve the quality of life for those affected by natural disasters and wars. Restoring safety, comfort, stability and livelihood to a community or region is the foundation for all other endeavours to uplift people and provide them with new hope and opportunity. During emergencies such as; floods, earthquakes, drought and man-made disasters, it works directly on the ground or in some cases through local partners. The organisation helps people in times of need regardless of their race, religion, cast, creed, color or nationality. Saba Trust has responded to history’s major disasters and small emergencies in different countries. Saba Trust has been involved in helping people during emergencies and those living in poverty through a variety of activities:

Major emergency responses:

  1. Awaran (Balochistan) Earthquake 2013
  2. Pakistan Floods 2012-2013
  3. Violence in Lahore 2013
  4. Church incident in Peshawar 2013
  5. Pakistan Earthquake 2005
  6. South Asia Tsunami 2004
  7. Bam Iran Earthquake 2003
  8. Gujrat India Riots 2002
  9. Rawalpindi Pakistan Floods 2001
  10. Chechnya Humanitarian Crisis 1999
  11. Bosnia Humanitarian Crisis 1994-95
  12. Kashmir and Palestine Crisis
  13. Afghanistan and Iraq Humanitarian Crisis

Flood Relief:

During summer 2001, the city of Rawalpindi and surrounding suburbs experienced heavy, unexpected rains that caused significant destruction. The downpour was said to have caused the worst flooding in the area in over 200 years. Several relief and medical camps were established in Mohan Pura, Arjun Nagar and Bhatta Naik Aalam and other places in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Saba Trust distributed bedding, clothes, blankets, toys, food and medicines those affected by the floods.

Balochistanhad also received unprecedented rainfall. This had played havoc by destroying standing crops, orchards, houses and small water reservoirs and other water supply schemes. Saba Trust immediately set up relief camps to help those affected by the disaster.

In Sindh the number of people affected by the floods reached over one million, rain haddestroyed about 50,000 houses; more than one hundred people have lost their lives. The biggest challenge for the authorities and the relief workers was access to the affected population. Saba Trust was there to help in a humble way collaborating with other organisations.

Saba Trust set up several flood relief camps. Among the supplies distributed, beddings were provided to the flood victims. Hundreds of bedding sets were distributed in different localities affected by the rain.

Asian Tsunami (December 2004)

Tsunami triggered by 9.0 earthquake in the Indian Ocean that killed over 200,000 people and left millions affected in nearly a dozen countries. Five million people have become homeless.Saba Trust coordinated with Islamic Relief Worldwide, Yadgar, Riphah Trust and other organizations to start collecting clothes, canned food and medicine and made arrangements to ship and distribute among the victims.

Earthquake Relief Camps

Periodic earthquakes cause tremendous damage in rural areas of Pakistan where buildings and structures are often unable to withstand jolts and tremors. Hundreds and sometimes thousands of people lost their homes and businesses and became destitute in an instant. When earthquakes struck, Saba Trust rushed to provide relief in the form of clothing, food, medicine, blankets and other supplies.

Bam (Iran) Earthquake Relief

Saba Homes teamed up with Railway Hospital and Riphah Trustand was able to send three containers that had blankets, clothes and shoes for the earthquake victims. In partnership with other organization we were able to send large amount of medicines, baby incubators, breathing machines, three different teams of doctors and many other medical supplies. Pakistan Airlines helped by air lifting for free all the aid. Railway Hospital and Riphah Trust provided large amount of medicines. Along with Railway Hospital and Riphah Trust, International Islamic Medical College also helped through doctors, medicines, and paid for other expenses.

Prisoner’s Help

Purpose of this project is to work with government agencies, societies, organisations and others to bring in a positive policy agenda including improved legislation for prisoners. Through this project deserving prisoners or detainees are assisted by extending them with legal aid, advice, follow up of their legal proceedings at any stage, any forum, court or tribunal etc. These services are provided by a panel of lawyers. Counseling is also arranged for the prisoners as to how they could beneficially spend their time in prison and become useful citizens after their release. Prisoners are also provided with legal aid as and when required.

Indian Relief & Education

While most of Saba Trust’s efforts are geared towards addressing the dire needs in Pakistan, we recognize the conditions for many people in neighboring India are equally desperate. Saba Trust partnered with various organisations focusing on relief and education work in India for the benefit of less fortunate people of all backgrounds.

Indian Muslim Relief & Charities (IMRC)

IMRC has a long-term track record of humanitarian work in India. IMRC organizes relief efforts after major floods, famines and earthquakes in India. IMRC also renders assistance to victims of sporadic communal violence, providing food, clothing, shelter and medical attention. IMRC also provides scholarships to students and implements a children’s education sponsorship program that helps thousands of school children annually. Saba Trust provides financial support to IMRC so that the organisation may carry out its humanitarian mission in India.

Distribution of Clothing and Supplies:

Over 12 million (12,000,000) articles of clothing and other items have been distributed to dozens of relief camps throughout Pakistan, as well as at Saba Trust headquarters in Rawalpindi. In order to address the need in an economical and practical manner, Saba Trust began a program whereby second-hand clothing, shoes, blankets, and other items in good condition are collected in the United States and redistributed in Pakistan. The donated materials are typically distributed in relief camps, through a network of partner organisations including; Rotary International, Edhi Foundation, Shifa Falahee Clinic, National Commission on Human Development, and others.

Distribution of Bedding:

During spring 2002, the city of Rawalpindi and surrounding suburbs experienced heavy, unexpected rains that caused significant destruction. Many houses of destitute people living along the banks of the Nullah Lye River were washed away, along with their belongings, many were left with nothing but the clothes they were wearing. Saba Trust immediately set up several flood relief camps. Among the supplies distributed, beddings were arranged for victims from Mohallah Banni,Bhatta Naik Aalam, and New Katarian. Assistance was provided through a proper mechanism to ensure no one was left out. Tokens were distributed among the listed beneficiaries.

Distribution of Dowry Clothes:

Some of the clothing collected in good condition is set aside for families who can use the items for the purpose of traditional dowry offerings between families who have children of marriageable age. The need for dowry clothes has been tremendous among many families that cannot afford it for their children.

Distribution of Gift Boxes:

In spring 2002, the Mission Viejo Society, a Christian communityin the city of Mission Viejo, California, sent five hundred gift boxes for distribution among Afghan refugees through Saba Trust. Each box consisted of 28 items for children, including small toys, writing boards, crayons, hair brushes, candies, and other similar things that children would find useful. Children who received the gift boxes were overjoyed at this show of support and compassion, and their parents appreciated the gesture of interfaith friendship.

Methodology for Distribution: Mounting such a huge effort is very challenging, and it is very important to ensure that the much needed relief supplies and resources are distributed fairly and equitably to as many families and individuals as possible. Consequently, we have a distribution system whereby a numbered voucher is issued to each household by going house to house before any distribution. The voucher in returned to the distribution team in exchange for a single set of goods. In this way, the available vouchers corresponding to the amount of materials on hand are distributed to the maximum number of needy households.

Widow Welfare:

Saba Trust has established a welfare committee named Saba Welfare Committee. The objectives of this committee are to supply food items for widows on a monthly basis and to help needy orphans by supplying books, copies, school stationery and fees for their study. Funds for these purposes are arranged through membership fees, individual donations, and Zakat allocations. Saba Trust has started a membership for this committee. The minimum monthly membership fee is $30 per month and there is no maximum amount. This means that even those with the most limited means in America can afford to support a fellow person in need in Pakistan. The Saba Welfare Committee at present supplies food items to widows on monthly basis at the rate of $30 each.

Family Sponsorship:

Saba Trust endorses and supports the efforts of Rahat’s Friends. This endeavor encourages Pakistani Americans and other concerned individuals to sponsora family in Pakistan by making a modest monthly contribution. The programis designed to be feasible for most people fortunate enough to live in a place of opportunity and prosperity such as the United States at a cost of just $50 a month. Mahboob and Khawer Akhtar started supporting this program immediately, later Jeena and Shakeel Siddiqi joined the program.

Ramadan Iftari & Eid Qurbani Program

Over the years, Saba Trust has organized Iftar meals in Kamalia for thousands of people. Feeding people forIftarduring Ramadan is considered an important charitable act in Islam, and it addresses one of the most basic human needs during the holy month of Ramadan. During Eid-ul-Adha meat is distributed to family, friends, and the poor. Saba Trust provides Qurbani that enables Muslims to have Saba Trust perform the Qurbani and distribute the meat on their behalf to those who are in real need (in some cases, this is the only opportunity for the recipients to eat meat during the whole year). Saba Trust raises its own livestock to ensure that this service is provided in an efficient, sanitary and affordable manner.

Geographical Coverage:

We are serving all 4 provinces 53 districts including Kashmir Northern Areas and remotest places such as Sakardoo. We consider ourselves fortunate to have assisted people affected by disasters in Afghanistan, Iran, India, Iraq, Bosnia, Chechnya and Tsunami affected countries.

Support to the Victims of Asian Tsunami:

The worst ever tsunami earthquake in 2004 which killed over 200,000 people and left thousands homeless in Indonesia, Malaysia, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Burma, Tanzania, India, Somalia, Maldives, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Bangladesh, Seychelles and Thailand. Most needed aid was provided to the affected people in these countries.

Services to the Interfaith Communities:

Minority communities in Punjab, KP and some other parts of Pakistan have been supported through this project during emergencies and those affected by poverty.

Distribution of Non-Food Items

Saba Trust has distributed clothes and other goods to several million people during emergencies and in poverty stricken areas. Items distributed in brand new condition include:

  • New Clothing: Fruit-of-the-loom t-shirts, long-sleeve t-shirts for women, and sweat shirts; hand knitted caps; hand knittedgloves; socks; scarfs; shoes; wedding suits; men’s suiting; warm lined jackets; children’s clothes; and fabrics (including ultra-suede, party fabrics, brocades, poplin, and silk).
  • Supplies: Coloring books; chalk boards & chalk; pencils; pencil sharpeners; erasers; crayons.
  • Personal hygiene products: Shampoo; toothpaste; tooth brushes; soap; wash cloths; hair brushes; combs; chapstick, lip balms.
  • Snacks: Granola bars; cookies (including homemade cookies wrapped as gifts); hard candy; lolipops.
  • Toys: Stuffed animals; cars; trucks; puzzles; balloons; jump ropes; jars of bubbles; magic slates; and many similar items along with craftitems.
  • Gift Boxes: 500 special packages for kids.

The total value of all of these brand new items worth over Rs. 25 million (25,000,000)

Afsana’s Story:

Saba Trust organized a camp in SOS village Rawalpindi in May 2004 for distributing clothes among orphan children. There are about 20 houses in SOS village, each house resides 8-10 orphan children. The bright faces of those innocent children were expressing their happiness and pleasure.

The story of little Afsana and her four brothers from Kashmir is heartening. She is living in SOS Village with her four younger brothers. Afsana is only 10 years old. While sharing her story Afsana said “my uncle brought us here in SOS village after the death of our parents. They died in a road accident in Kashmir.”

Children showed their keen interest in getting education. There are many other stories of young children like Afsana who are living a challenging life.


Flood Relief : From: 01 July 2015
Saba Trust Visit to: Layyah (Punjab)
Area: Layyah
Helped by  ( Zohra Memorial Trust Layyah)


  1. Dr.Khalil A Khan
  2. Mr.Ibrahim Khan


  1. Flour: (898kg wheat ), (100bags) Rs: 33270/-
  2. Oil:  (22 Ten of 16kg), 400 bottle (of 01Lit.appx), Rs: 68000/-
  3. Rice:(303. bags*3kg=909kg), 120/kg*909, Rs: 109080/-
  4. Cloths: (packs=245), 200.P/Suit, Rs: 49000/-
  5. Channa: (500packs), 100g, Rs: 10000/-
  6. Biscuits: (500packs), Rs.(15/-), Rs: 7000/-
  7. Transport and other expenses Rs: 40000/-
GRAND TOTAL:  Rs. 316350Apx.

We worked here for flood relief and visit the affected areas where the thousand of the people are living under the open sky, there is shortage of clean drinking water, food, medicine, and shelter, children and elder are suffering in different diseases, there were some small organizations are working and Pakistan Army also have their camp.

This area needs strong care and attention for the rehabilitation and reintegration because of this major catastrophe of flood.

We thanks to Zohra Memorial Trust Layyah team for great hospitality and help to make this visit/relief activities campaign possible.

Immediate Needs:

  1. Food (readymade)
  2. Health (first aid and epidemics)

You can also Donate for the Flood Victim (Come and Join Hands with SABA TRUST )

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