Pakistan Link Article on Saba Foundation Honor Senior Journalist

More than 40 Pakistani senior journalists were honored for their outstanding contributions to the electronic and the print media at a special ceremony held at Saba Homes, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The event was organized by Saba Trust in collaboration with Journalist Foundation, an NGO working for the welfare of Pakistani journalists.

“These prestigious awards are a way of recognizing the dedicated services of the journalists to their community and to Pakistan,” said Saghir Aslam, the founder of Saba Aslam Education and Welfare Trust, while addressing a large gathering of news editors, sub-editors, reporters, photographers and cameramen from different newspapers and TV channels. ”We have invested in these awards because we value the quality contributions of journalists for raising awareness in the people. We express our appreciation to all the participants in the awards,” said Aslam.

Mr. Saghir Aslam also briefly shed light on the Saba Homes, a subsidiary project of Saba Trust. It’s basically a girls orphanage where we honor the orphans. It marks a new unique approach to solve global issues of poverty and successful access to education. Saba Homes provides orphan girls with love, support and, most important of all, understanding. They need to break the cycle of poverty and become successful leaders in their communities. Saba Homes seeks to transform and advance Pakistan by developing the human capital of its people. It invests in the least advantage of today to promote the most advanced peace loving leaders(not rulers) of tomorrow.

It’s a home, a family, and an educational institute. With the blessings of Allah(SWT), we have developed a winning modelto raise kids from four years of age, providing them with care, love and affection of Mama and Papa (Mr. & Mrs. Saghir Aslam). Most important of all we listen to them, their concerns, and issues. We provide them with the best of Islamic and worldly education, with emphasis on the most humane and life-affirming teachings as found in the example of the Prophet (PBUH) and the Ashab al-Ikram. Saba girls pledge peace to the world every morning. They affirm, “We Saba girls respect every human regardless of their caste, creed, religion, country etc.”

We at Saba Homes provide them with different motivational, time management and character development training that helps enhancing their inborn capacities and qualities. Saba girls are being equipped with coaching exercise classes that include marital arts and Yoga classes, different vocational trainings and lots more.

Mr. Aslam added that with Saba Homes Pakistan can be and InshaAllah will be yesterday’s Japan and today’s China. Pakistan needs Saba Homes, we all need Saba Homes, to achieve our national goals.

Zulfiqar Ali Malik, President of Journalist Foundation, gave a short introduction of Journalist Foundation and highighted its objectives. “Journalist Foundation consists of a team of very devoted people who are always ready to help their fellow journalists in a difficult situation,” said Malik. JF’s president lauded the cooperation extended by Mr. Saghir Aslam in holding the event.

Later, Mr. Saghir Aslam, Zulfiqar Ali Malik and Sardar Mumtaz Ahmed presented the awards to the recipients. Among the honorees were Akhlaq Ahmad, Khawaja Shafqat, Shahid Sabir, Nadeem Khokhar, Zafar Iqbal, Nadeem Aadil, Raja Usman Tahir, Irfan Saduzai, Abid Abbasi, Sardar Shafiq Ahmad ,Rafi ud Deen,Haji Akram Saleem,Ismail Ashraf, Abid Farooqi, Abdul Razaq Siyal, Marryam Saddiqa, Sultan Shah ,Iqbal Malik, Syed Shaharyar, Raja Nazir, Hafiz Mazhar, Khurram Hashmi, Zahid Soomro, Mehmood Abbasi, Babar Malik, Sadaqat Ali , Khawar Nawaz Raja, Mehboob Sabir, Akmal Shahzad, Ahmad Bhatti, Muhammad Aasim, Aqeel Abbasi,Chaudhry Asghar ,Irshad Qureshi, Rahat Munir,Khurram Iqbal,Raja Aatif Zulfiqar,Yasir Hakeem, Mirza Jamil, Raja Mudassar, Yasir Shahzad and Mr. Azhar.


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