Abrar ul Haq Visits Saba Trust Saba Homes

Abrar Ul Haq Visits Saba Trust Saba Homes
By Mrs. Zainab Javed

Abrar Ul Haq visits Saba Trust Saba Homes

Famous Pakistani singer Abrar Ul Haq recently paid a visit to Saba Trust Saba Homes. The popular singer was accompanied by Mr. Shamali, his event manager, and Mr. Bilal Ahmed Rana, project coordinator, Youth Parliament.

A feature of his visit that impressed the Saba Trust chairman and the rest of the staff the most was that he said his prayers in spite of a hectic schedule. Almost as soon as he arrived on the premises he asked for a janamaz so that he could offer the Asr prayer. It is rare that popular and intensely busy people take the time to perform their prayers nowadays in the mounting hustle and bustle of life.

At the end of his tour of Saba Homes, when Mrs. Bushra Aslam, Saba Trust chairperson, asked the singer to sing a song for the girls he immediately obliged. Abrar Ul Haq seemed to enjoy singing for them; he, in fact, asked the staff and the girls to sing along with him. That was marvellous. The song video was posted on SABA TRUST IEWS Facebook page and also on You Tube.

Mr Saghir Aslam, Saba Trust chairman, is not fond of songs but he shared with the administrator, Mrs. Zainab Javed, that he truly enjoyed the song because its message was thought-provoking and profusely indicative of love for Allah SWT. The song emphasized Allah subhana wa ta ‘Ala’s blessings and caring love for all human beings which is exactly what the chairman of Saba Trust Saghir Aslam feels: all his life achievements and acquisitions have been due to the kindness of Allah SWT. Saghir sahib always says that he thanks Allah SWT every morning when he wakes up and every night when he goes to bed and also numerous times in between during the day, and year after year amazing things continue to happen in his life.

We traditionally have our guests sign in the Guest Book at the end of their visit. Below impressions of Abrar ul Haq’s visit to Saba Trust Saba Homes:

“I am pleased to see the passionate humanitarian work being done by the Trust. It’s absolutely inspiring and thought provoking as I also would like to do something similar to this. May Allah SWT bless all those who are doing good work for humanity with Dunya and Aakhrat both. Pakistan’s future is bright InshAllah!”

During the tour of Saba Homes, which is the main project of Saba Trust, a home for orphan girls now in its third year of operation, Abrar ul Haq was truly amazed and pleased at the whole setup. He appeared quite flabbergasted when he visited the master tailor’s room where the tailor stitches all of the Saba girls’ casual and fancy dresses; he stitches the bed covers as well as room curtains and floor cushions, etc. Abrar was surprised to see the girls’ karate uniform and gorgeous bedrooms embellished with beautiful wood furnishing.

Mr. Abrar Ul Haq, you have brightened our life momentarily and we pray that our link may get fortified and transform into a permanent active partnership. May Allah subhana wa ta ‘Ala bless, guide and assist all of your endeavours with huge success always and always!


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