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“I am inviting you to share in my experience in the Saba Homes. I am a French Canadian lady who became a Muslim in the 70’s. My dream was always to live in a foreign country as well as do some sort of missionary work, to help the helpless and less fortunate.

My latest affiliation and contribution for humanity is in this Saba Homes, managing and caring for deserving orphan girls. It is a fulfilling and rewarding work, especially when contemplating that anyone who encourages and prepares these girls for their productive future is playing a parent’s role of great importance. Please join me for an enriching endeavor!”

Zainab Javed

  • How can you earn yourself extra credits while benefiting deeply from a truly rewarding experience?
  • Ask yourself where can you go and contribute valuable time that will cheer up some orphan girl and make her your little friend forever?
  • Would you like to see a cute little face lit up with such a smile that you will have triggered by your thoughtful action?
  • What if you can teach that little orphan girl to improve her reading skill, or improve her math or listen to / finish / or start your stories?
  • What if you can teach her to knit or crochet or do embroidery or paint with oils or pastels?
  • What if you can teach her to sew her own dress or improve her computer skills or to write poetry or do sculpting and origami?
  • Did you ever dream of visiting an Asian country for the cultural experience, to touch a piece of very foreign land other than by just watching the National Geographic series?
  • Have you ever heard the expression of being a ‘Big Sister’ which means a sort of role model, a support and a kind guide to a little sister? Would you like to be one for a couple of months?

Well, well, well ….. If your curiosity is peaked enough, you can now read the following information which will help satisfy your mind:

Saba Trust and Saba Homes is a home for orphan girls located in Gulrez II, Pakistan.

Saghir and Bushra Aslam are the Founders of Saba Aslam Education & Welfare Trust. Although having enjoyed lucrative financial success in USA, for nearly half a century, since 1957, through a number of expert business ventures and investments, they opened their heart to the needs of the less fortunate and helpless, some forty-five years ago, in 1965 to be precise.

Prior to the establishment of the Saba Trust, Saghir and Bushra Aslam experienced a series of incidents that left deep and profound impressions on their personalities while paying regular visits to their country of origin, Pakistan. Realizing the many gifts and blessings they had been given by God Almighty, they decided to help their motherland in whatever small way they could so that those less fortunate could experience life beyond despair and depression. At some point it seemed that the plight of female children of underprivileged families or worse, ‘orphans’, was a worthwhile and conscience boggling issue for the Aslams.

They themselves felt lucky and blessed to be able to help others, less fortunate. Yet, unknowingly, they later found out that they were sowing the seeds for the creation of the Saba Aslam Education and Welfare Trust. With each trip to each village in Pakistan, they did whatever they could and helped whomever they could, bringing them nearer and nearer to creating the Saba Trust and meanwhile contributing to the bank accounts of the hereafter.

“The vision for the Saba Homes is to provide orphan girls with state of the art accommodation, education and healthcare. It aims to prepare the girls to reach beyond their circumstances and achieve their full potential in a modern, supportive and loving family environment. It aims to help them achieve self resourcefulness.”

If you desire to become a fortunate volunteer in an enriching Internship program for the summer, please contact via e-mail at the following addresses:


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