Why Volunteer

Volunteers at Saba Homes have a major and vital role in shaping up orphan children’s future, creating civilized citizens and producing future leaders. Your efforts being a volunteer have a long lasting impact on the lives of the orphan

children. While the change that your work being a volunteer brings in the orphan children it also has a major positive impact on your own life.

Saba Homes Overall Objective:

Overall objective of the program is to contribute to the reduction of child vulnerability in Pakistan with a comprehensive education package. Saba Homes envisions a well comprehensive protection package to address the physical, mental, health requirements of the children essential in reducing the risks of getting vulnerable.

Other Objectives:

•             Provide Saba Girls homelike environment, health facilities and quality education.

•             Augment awareness for the plight of parentless/needy children.

•             Support global efforts to promote and protect the rights of girls.

•             Formulate and conduct comprehensive training programs to facilitate the growth of Saba Home mentors.

•             Expand the operation of Saba Home on a larger scale in the years to come.

Role of Volunteers:

Volunteers help greatly in achieving the organization’s objective and engaging the community. The multi-cultural base of volunteers helps to bring together the community and overcome the misconceptions, barriers and interfaith.

The impact that the work of Saba Homes has had so far on the lives of the orphan girls that it is accommodating is remarkable and clearly visible. There is major difference in their personalities from when they joined Saba Homes and at present.

This change in those forty girls will not only help them invidiously in the future but their children and the society at large. As the saying goes “Empower a Mother – Empower a Nation.” These girls will become mothers in few years and that is when they will benefit the most from everything they have learnt at Saba Homes. By expanding this project from 40 to hundreds and thousands of orphan girls and other destitute children we can certainly create a safe environment for the most vulnerable children and ensure that they have a bright future by having an ideal present.

What’s in it for You?

Volunteers gets rewarded for their time and dedication in different ways and stages. Not only it makes you feel constructive but it also helps you to identify the hidden talent and capabilities you have. It helps to understand the different situations people you are trying to help are going through. It helps you to appreciate what you have which others don’t. It also open doors to achieve your career goals.