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From Darkness to Light

My name is Nida Ali I have three brothers and a sister. I am in grade 9. Me and my other sister live at Saba Homes

with Mama (Bushra Aslam) and Papa (Saghir Aslam). This is more than just a home. We do not feel any different than those who live at their family home.

After the death of my father I was pulled out of school as my mother could not afford to pay for it. Our relatives abandoned us, there was no one there to ask for help. My mother was trying to help us and we were trying to help for her but our world was turned upside down. This whole situation was having a bad impact on all of us. We were not sure if we will survive. Then someone told my mother about “Saba Homes” and when she realized that it is a safe place for her daughters to stay she brought us here.

Joining Saba Homes:

It has been now over 5 years, we have not felt since we came here that we are orphans. Mama and Papa have given us true love of parents. They do everything for us that any other parents will do for their children. We have a comfortable living, we go to one of the best private schools in this area. We have excellent food, every day there is different food provided to us. We have Martial Arts trainer who has trained most of us to the best. We have tutors, others to help us excel in our studies. Recently we have setup health & fitness club, vocational club, dress designing club and cooking club with the help of Mrs. Shamim (an educationalist). We also get to visit different places not only in Rawalpindi/Islamabad but places such as Kashmir, Mansehra, Abbotabad, Fort Rohtas to name a few. I never had a computer and did not know how to use it. After I came to Saba Homes I have access to computer and can easily operate it as we are taught computer lessons by a technical teacher.

After the death of my father all our relatives abandoned us. My mother was alone to deal with the challenges no one was there help her, I used to feel so helpless as I could not do anything. But after I have joined Saba Homes, I am hopeful that I will make my mothers dream come true. I will make sure she does not have any miseries to face and no more worries.

Life Before Joining Saba Homes:

Before joining Saba Homes the life that we were living I pray that no one goes through that. When we were told about Saba Homes and we decided to join there were so many questions in our minds but from the day one we realized this place is not an orphanage it really is a home with the presence of Mama and Papa.

My mother and we both sisters pray for that person who referred us to Saba Homes, that person was not less than an angel for us. Our lives have totally changed in a positive way and we no more feel like we do not have father.

Mama and Papa:

Mama and Papa [Saghir and Bushra] both are sincere, caring and sympathetic. They do so much for us and all the want in return is that we concentrate on our studies and achieve highest levels in the field of education so that we can change not only our family’s situation but the whole country.

I will do everything to make sure that I do not disappoint them and achieve what they want me to accomplish.

Saba Homes Environment:

Here we not only receive formal education but religious education is also provided. There is a Qaria (teacher) who teaches us Quran with translation. Papa not only wants us to achieve high goals but he also wants us to be a person with good character, honesty and truthfulness.

The environment we have here is more than just a home. Its an ideal atmosphere for a child to live in. I was so much in pain after losing my father but after joining Saba Homes I have been giving so much love and care that my pain has gone away.

Some times when I think about my father it makes me cry, but then Papa is there to help me in keeping my father’s name alive.

Mama and Papa take us to different parks for fun and walks, we go to KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonalds and ice cream places. They do everything for us so I have promised myself that I will make sure that I will do everything for their happiness.

Higher Goals:

I am aiming high and I believe I will achieve my goals because today I am no more that helpless orphan girl who had no one there not even the closes relatives. I can dream of anything now and believe I will achieve with the support, love, care and guidance of Mama and Papa.

I LOVE YOU Mama and Papa.

My love for Mama and Papa is increasing day by day. I will never stop loving them and will always be there for both of them since they have been there for us when we had no one to help us.