• Saba Homes ! A Shelter for Orphans

    Donation : $23,588.00/ $150,000.00

     Saba Trust is struggling hard for protection of child abuses in Pakistan especially Orphan girls and Boys all over the Pakistan.

  • Help girls & boys to get Education

    Saba Trust Educational Program
    Donation : $35,698.00/ $100,000.00

    Saba Trust believes that to shape Pakistan into a developed country Education has the key role.

  • Help for Humanitarian Relief Activities

    Donation : $28,388.00/ $100,000.00

    Saba Trust is engaged since last 50 years for serving suffering humanity around the globe.



Promote Saba Trust Mission to communities through word of mouth, inviting valued friends & through your social media.

Become Volunteer

Become Volunteer

You can help Saba Trust by becoming a volunteer, we need you for many noble causes for suffering & deserving humanity.

Send Donation

Send Donation

You small or big contribution can really make a difference in dark lives of Orphans, Widows and Poor Peoples around the globe.

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Become Volunteer

Volunteers at Saba Homes have a major and vital role in shaping up orphan children’s future, creating civilized citizens and producing future leaders..JOIN TODAY

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  • Donation Holders say Read Below

    I had the chance to watch Mr. Aslam in action & try to keep up with him, where he made wise decisions carefully on the spot, also a man of accomplishments. Let me close by mentioning the most important is TRUST that people believe in him, confidence of that kind is born after years of selfless service. It is something that has to be earned & he has done that.
    Dr. William Jackson (Deseret International)
  • Donation Holders say Read Below

    I am pleased to see that passionate humanitarian work done by the Trust. Its absolutely inspiring and thought provoking as I also would like to do something similar to this. May Allah SWT bless all those who are doing good work for humanity in Duniya and Akhrat both. Pakistan future is bright. 
    Ibrar-ul-Haq (Celebrity Singer)
  • Donation Holders say Read Below

    It is wonderful to see such a unique initiative taken by Saghir Aslam. I have not seen anything like this before not in Pakistan no where in the world where I have been so far. The way orphan children are looked after at Saba Homes I am amazed as we can not do this much for our own children.
    Misbah-ul-Haq (Captain of Pakistan's Cricket Team)